Premium class apartments in ski resort Goderdzi

New hotel residential complex NEW TIME IN GODERDZI is located in the ski resort of Goderdzi.

Goderdzi ski resort is located in 100 kilometers from the city of Batumi at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level.
Goderdzi has been operating as ski resort since December 2015. At this stage, there are two world-class cable waves with a length of 8 kilometers.
Goderdzi is characterized by long winters, but it is not just a winter fairy tale, Goderdzi offers vacationers an environmentally friendly pine forest environment and a cool climate in spring, summer and autumn.

The project is 5-storey hotel with 88 premium class apartments ranging in size from 35.1 to 53.2 sq. m.
44 apartments are owned by the company and 44 apartments are offered for sale.

Infrustructure in complex:
- reception,
- restaurant,
- pool,
- fitness center and SPA,
- two elevators,
- availability of a room with ski cabinets provided for free use by the owners of the apartments,
- 24 hour security.

The hotel rooms will be transferred to private ownership with repairs made of high-quality materials – the cost is indicated in the drawings.

Condition of apartments at the time of sale:
- metal entrance doors,
- balcony doors and Windows with double glazing,
- lighting system
- fire safety system, alarm system,
- Central heating,
- electricity and water supply systems have been brought up and running, the complex has been gasified,
- renovated bathroom with toilet, sink, mirror and shower,
- laminate floor,
- internal partitions were erected, internal doors were installed,
- finished walls (paint or Wallpaper),
- painted ceiling.

The cost of apartment from $1100 m2 depending of floors.

Apartments can be purchased according to the following payment terms:
1. for full payment, a discount of $ 20 per square meter is provided.

2. it is Possible to purchase an apartment on an internal installment plan, which is provided for 12 months, with an initial payment of 30%.

3. New Time's partner TBC Bank also provides an opportunity to issue a loan under the following conditions
The initial payment is 40%, the remaining amount is distributed for 48 months, the annual percentage is 9 %, without a certificate of income, when applying for a loan, the company acts as a guarantor.

Completion of the complex is scheduled for the end of 2021.


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