RIVERSIDE HOME თაუნჰაუსების კომპლექსი კაპრეშუმში

The complex of townhouses RIVERSIDE HOME is located in Kapreshumi, in picturesque corner of Georgia, on the banks of the river, just 5 km from the city of Batumi. Due to the unique location, the complex enjoy the beauty of nature and silence, while staying in remote areas.

In complex:

Video control
Green areas and walking trails

Private beach by the river - an exclusive place for relaxation and swimming

Riverside Home townhouses are equipped with an autonomous water supply system with a Grundfos SCALA 2 3-45 storage tank and pump, providing stable water supply and pressure at all points. Townhouse power supply includes an automatic generator (6.5 kW) for key receivers in the event of a power outage: boiler, pumps, lights and sockets.

Construction quality:

Concrete frame - guarantees the strength and durability of the structure
Aerated concrete blocks - provide high thermal insulation, are not subject to mold and microbial growth
Double glazing with aluminum profile - heat and sound insulation, as well as keeping warm in winter and cool in summer.

All townhouses are designed with the comfort and convenience of residents in mind:
Total area - 159 square meters
Large kitchen-living room and terrace on the first floor
2 residential floors and exploited roof
2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Professional Management - Experienced property management and maintenance team.

Infrastructure nearby: Restaurant, school, shop, football section. All the necessary facilities are within 10-15 walking distance from the house.

Convenient location: located on a flat area, easily accessible and safe for walking.

Condition - black frame.

Yield from 7% per annum

It is possible to pay in Cryptocurrency.

Down payment - 30%
Installment 0% until the end of construction.

Completion of construction end of 2023.


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