Property management

Investing in real estate is one of the most reliable ways to generate income. A correctly selected object for investment will not only consistently bring real money to its owner for many years, but will also increase its material value over time.

Resort real estate has one of the highest levels of profitability and liquidity. Owning an apartment in Batumi is beneficial for several reasons-in the summer, the owner can relax with his family by the sea, and in the off-season to rent their property and get a stable income.

Entrust the administration and management of the apartment for the period of your absence in Batumi to the real estate Agency in Batumi Residence. Our employees have many years of experience in effective property management. We do everything possible to make the most  profitable delivery of the property and increase the income of the principal.

- We take care of all organizational, legal and any other issues related to your housing and tenants.
- You will only get a net profit from renting an apartment, being anywhere in the world, without headaches and unnecessary hassle.
- We are always in touch and ready to quickly solve any problems that arise, you can be absolutely calm — we protect your interests.

Real estate management includes booking an apartment, timely check-in and eviction of tenants, organization of cleaning of living space, purchase of necessary consumables, as well as any other issues on an individual agreement with the owner. The price of the real estate trust management service is 30% of the rental price.

Real estate Agency Batumi Residence is your reliable partner in the real estate market of Batumi. We are happy to help you turn your property into a profitable investment tool. Thanks to us, you can not only keep your property safe and clean, but also make money on it.

About Us

Real estate Agency Batumi Residence was founded in 2017 by a team of professional realtors who have been working in the real estate market of Batumi for more than 10 years.