Multifunctional complex Mziuri Gardens

Mziuri Gardens is a new unique project in the green resort area of Makhinjauri, developed and invested by the British company «MRMU»

The project is being built a few meters from the sea, on the site of former sanatorium.

The territory of the multifunctional complex is 15,000 sq / m, most of the territory that will be allocated for landscaping and recreation.

Recreation area of the residential complex "Mziuri Gardens" is 10 000 sq/m.

During the preparation of the project, all the features of the local landscape were fully taken into account, and emphasis was placed on its preservation.

The complex is located just 6 km from the center of Batumi, a few meters from the seacoast and only 2 km from "Mziuri Gardens" is the Batumi Botanical garden. Therapeutic thermal springs are also located nearby.

The multi-purpose residential complex consists of two 14-storey and one 16-storey buildings, one of which will house the 5-star CROWNE PLAZA hotel.

The facade of the building will be treated with a special heat and waterproofing material, which on the one hand will help to ensure energy efficiency, and on the other – to protect the building from water penetration and dampness.

During the construction process, special energy-efficient blocks will be used, which will also provide sound insulation in parallel. The floors and walls of the main parts of the building will consist of refractory materials. Each block is equipped with two special fire elevators and two fire staircases, doors made of fireproof materials.

Service and infrastructure of the complex:
- Spa and fitness center, including-Jacuzzi, massage room, sauna, gym;
- outdoor and indoor swimming pools;
- landscaped courtyard with hammocks, Ottomans, upholstered furniture;
- basketball court;
- summer amphitheatre;
- climbing wall and Board for giant chess;
- open and closed conference rooms;
- 4 restaurants of various types, where there will be dishes of Georgian, European, American, Chinese and Japanese cuisine, as well as Lounges and bars;
- billiard room, karaoke;
- separate room for playing chess, backgammon, dominoes and cards;
- concierge;
- babysitting service;
- animator;
- doctor;
- beauty shop;
- dry cleaning;
- souvenir store;
- ATM and pay-box;
- apartment management service for rent;
- transportation from" Mziuri gardens " in the direction of a regular electric bus will go;
- maintenance of the complex;
- fire safety;
video surveillance and security for 24 hours;
- smoke detectors;
- fire Elevator;
- parking on the first two floors, as well as outdoor Parking and Parking for bicycles;
- car wash;
- 4 high-speed elevators of the American company " Otis»;
- technical rooms on each floor of the residential complex.

Residents of the complex will be able to get to the beach using a specially adapted bridge and Elevator. On the beach there will be sun loungers, sun umbrellas, cafe bars, sandboxes for children. For fans of outdoor activities at sea, access will be a scooter, water "banana", water bike.

On the territory of the complex there will be a special square and a children's Playground, a mini-pool, trampolines, sandboxes. Children will be able to take part in on-site drawing, modeling, swimming, and English lessons. On rainy days, children can have fun in the indoor games rooms.

The condition of apartments green frame:
-Internal partition
- Plastered walls
- External and internal facing of the balcony
- Heating / cooling system
- Water supply/Sewerage

Due to its special location, all the Windows of the complex offer beautiful panoramas of the sea.

The cost of apartments starts from $850 sq. m. depending on the building, floor and location of the apartments.

Interest-free installments for 23 months

The initial payment of 30%

Construction completion - December 2021


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