Apartments from 16350$ in 100 metres from the sea in the NBG Beach Panorama

"NBG Beach Panorama" is a residential complex in Batumi, on the New Boulevard territory, 100 meters from the sea. Construction is carried out by construction development company NBG, which has been operating in the Georgian market since 2013 and has already completed projects. The main goal of the developer is to perform construction works in accordance with modern safety regulations, using high-quality construction materials and timely commissioning of the object.

The NBG Beach Panorama is a 25-storey building, where will be hotel, gym, cafe, lobby, pool on the top floor, open and closed parking, children's playground.

During the construction were used high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, the building will be designed and built in accordance with modern safety regulations.

All apartments in the complex with a convenient layout, panoramic views of the sea and mountains. On the floor of 19 apartments with an area of 32.7 m2 to 73 m2.

- 100 meters from the sea
- Reasonable price
- Full management of the residential complex
- Diverse infrastructure
- Apartment rental service
- Security

Infrastructure and services:
- Lobby, reception and Concierge
- 2000 sq.m green courtyard
- 24/7 video surveillance and security
- 2-level garage for 150 cars
- Swimming pool on the roof
- Cafe, restaurant, lounge
- Fitness room
- Children's infrastructure
- Passenger and cargo elevators
- Full management of the complex
- Apartment rental service
- Repair service

The fire safety infrastructure includes:
- Smoke detector on each floor
- Fire pump
- Water tank
- Fire protection of voids
- Fire escape
- Fire Elevator
- Corridors finished with fire-resistant materials
- Fire control center
- Sprinklers
- Fire pipe system
- Extinguishers
- Fire alarm system
- Fire smoke detector
- Smoke detection system

There are 3 types of apartment conditions in the "NBG Beach Panorama" in 3 types at the buyer's choice:
1. Black frame: partitions, electricity, water supply, Internet, TV, Central gas supply, iron entrance doors, Windows, granite balcony.
2. White frame: plastered walls, screed, electricity, gas, water supply, plumbing, Internet, TV, iron entrance doors, Windows, granite balcony.
3. Turnkey: repair, furniture, appliances.

Cost of apartments in standard condition (black frame):
3-9 floors - 650$-700$
10-12 floors - 700$-750$
13th floor-750$
17th floor-800$
18th floor-850$
19th floor-900$
20-22 floors - 900$
23-25 floors are sold.

There is promotion until May 28 - apartments for 500$/m2 up to the 8th floor with a first payment of 1000 GEL (about 300$), and the remainder will be distributed without interest for 36 months!!!

Construction completion - 2022 year.

It is known that the closer the construction is to completion, the higher the prices for apartments. Accordingly, the earlier you invest in a house under construction, the less investment you make and the more you will get from the invested amount. Upon completion of the construction of "NBG Beach Panorama", the cost of apartments will increase by 40% compared to the starting price.

By purchasing an apartment today, you will get the maximum benefit from your investment immediately upon completion of construction!


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