Turnkey apartments in DREAMLAND OASIS complex

Dreamland Oasis is premium residential and wellness complex located on the Black Sea coast in Georgia.

The complex is located in the resort area of Chakvi, near the Batumi Botanical garden with its own infrastructure, which is designed to provide maximum comfort during stay, without leaving the complex.

The complex combines the Dreamland Oasis hotel, private apartments and more than 50 objects of its own infrastructure.

In 30 min drive from the complex is famouse Mtirala National park, which is considered the best place for ecotourism and bird watching, in 40 min drive is Black Sea Arena, the music scene in Georgia, where performed world-famous artists Elton John, Robert plant, and Scorpions, and just in 9 km from the center of Batumi.

Dreamland Oasis project is being implemented through the largest European investment. The founder is the Austrian company – Albereta, which owns 82.7% of the project shares and Georgian investors own remaining 17.3% of shares.

Infrastructure of the complex: open and closed pools, aqua park, bars and restaurants, (15 food items on the territory such as European, Georgian, Italian, Buffet restaurant, etc. There are plans to open a fish restaurant and restaurant with German cuisine), children's playgrounds, protected beach (protected, clean and well-maintained coast 500 meters long, qualified lifeguards), Boulevard (green Boulevard throughout the complex), bowling, game hall, 3D, 7D and 9D cinemas, tennis courts, football field, basketball and volleyball courts, hookah, karaoke, sauna, gym.

Complex’s service:
- The territory is guarded around the clock by the security service
- Video surveillance cameras are installed throughout the territory
- Fire safety system covers the entire territory
- The system of electronic bracelets
- Cleaning of residential buildings, halls and entrances;
- Lighting of the common area;
- Low-speed Internet (Wi-Fi) on site;
- Maintenance of infrastructure and landscaping of the territory
- Provision of basic television channels
The monthly maintenance fee is ($1 = 1 sq. m.) depending on the size of the apartment.

There is service for managing apartments for rent. The management company provides guarantee the safety of the apartment and the equipment located in it. The average annual income 11000-12000$

Owners can use the territory of the complex all year round, free types of infrastructure, including swimming pools, as well as have access to paid types of infrastructure with discounts of up to 70%.

On the territory of the complex you can move around on special electric mobile, for cars there is separate parking.

The complex has several 4-storey residential buildings, an 18-storey residential building, and 19-storey building under construction, which will be completed at the end of 2021.

Available apartments for sale:
1 building-37.2-59.4 m2 from $2546/m2 (the building was commissioned)
2 building – 38.6-62.2 m2 from $2546/m2 (the building was commissioned)
3 building – 57.4 m2 from $2546/m2 (the building was commissioned)
4 building-67.6 – 82.4 m2 from $1917/m2 (building commissioned)
6 building-80.3 – 119.8 m2 from $1907/m2 (building commissioned)
7 building – 80.3 m2 from $1917/m2 (building commissioned)
9 building – 119.8 m2 from $2088/m2 (building commissioned)
10 building-43.5 – 99.2 m2 from $1488/m2 (building completed)
11 building – 33.85-118.4 m2 from $1950/m2 (building completed)
14 building-33.66 – 102.92 m2 from $1688/m2 (building under construction, delivery in December 2021)

Condition of apartments at the time of sale with turnkey repair - inter-apartment dividing walls and internal partitions built-pumice blocks, with thermal and sound insulation, covered with drywall, painted with water-based paint and Wallpaper. The floors are covered with high-quality techno granite tiles with a wood texture. The suspended ceiling is made of drywall and painted with water-based paint.
Windows and sliding balcony doors are made of aluminum profile with thermal insulation. The entrance door is equipped with an electronic lock.
The apartments have cable TV, telephone, Internet, electric hot water system and air conditioning.
The apartments are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

Payment methods:
Interest-free installments with down payment of 40%
Buildings 10-11 until the end of 2020.
Building 14 installments until the end of 2021.
In buildings from 1 to 9 payment is 100 %
Mortgage loan
Dreamland Oasis together with Georgian Bank Cartu offer to use a mortgage loan. To apply to the Bank, you must only have your passport with you.
The application processing period is 2 working days. The loan is issued in 1 day.
In order to use the loan, you must make an initial payment


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