Apartments on the first line with guaranteed sea view

New Boulevard Elegance is an 18-storey residential building located on the New Boulevard 100 meters from the sea, in a fast-growing part of Batumi, attractive and interesting for investors.

The building will have underground Parking, commercial premises on the 1st floor, and residential apartments on the 2nd floor. The apartments will have a guaranteed panoramic view of the Boulevard and the sea.

The building is residential type, gasified, has one entrance. There are 7 apartments on each floor. Condition of apartments is "green frame". The building has 2 KONE elevators, a fire control center, a glass facade. All apartments are with balconies and panoramic windows.

Features of the house:

- construction of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame house;
- coefficient of seismicity
- 7 points;
- the house is being built according to new fire safety standards;
- fire control center;
- installation of silent high-quality elevators of European standards;
- the front facade of the building is made of tempered glass;
- number of floors-18, with underground Parking;
- there are 7 apartments on each floor;
- all floors have a typical layout;
- floor area: 331 sq. m.
- entrance, Elevator, stairs: 88.3 sq. m.
- total area of commercial space: 324.8 sq. m.
- mounted diesel generator, in case of light failure, necessary to ensure uninterrupted operation of elevators, water pump and entrance lighting.

Characteristics of the apartments (condition - "green frame"):
- metal-plastic doors and Windows with double glazing;
- iron entrance door to the apartment;
- the balcony is completely lined with ceramic tiles;
- the internal walls of the apartment are lined with a light pumice block 10 cm thick;
- the walls separating the apartments are lined with a light pumice block 20 cm thick;
- the outer walls of the apartment are lined with a light pumice block 20 cm thick;
- cement floor screed;
- internal wiring of the apartment;
- plumbing layout the pipes in the apartment;
- installation of meters ( electricity, gas, water);
- heating system pipelines from the heating boiler to the radiator;
- gas carried into the apartment (2 points, on the balcony and kitchen);
- Internet is brought to the floor;
- installation of drywall ceiling;
- plastered ceiling and walls.

Infrastructure and service:
- house administrator;
- video surveillance;
- cleaning of the common area.

Cost of apartments:
2-4 floor:
yard view-600
sea view and Boulevard - 1000$

5-9 floor: courtyard view-600$
sea view and Boulevard-1100$

10-16 floor
courtyard view-700$
sea view and Boulevard-1200$

17-18 floor
courtyard view - 800$
sea view and Boulevard - 1500$

Payment term:
- full payment
- 0% installment for 36 months, 20%-50% down payment. The payment schedule is flexible (monthly/quarterly).

Construction will be completed in August 2022.


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