Turnkey townhouses in beach resort of Batumi Gonio

Townhouses Batumi Garden Inn located in the resort settlement of Gonio, in 14 km South of Batumi.

The resort settlement of Gonio is a popular among local and foreign tourists due to the cleanest beach along the entire black sea coast of Georgia.

Many people prefer to relax in Gonio, because the first line here is not so built up, the beach is wide and spacious bordered by picturesque mountains, excellent transport accessibility from Batumi.

Gonio is perfect for residents of megacities who are tired of the city bustle, crowds of people and just want to relax in a quiet place, but if you want to easily and quickly plunge back into the "civilization", because from Gonio to the center of Batumi about 20 minutes drive.

The resort infrastructure of Gonio is actively developing. There are many different cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Along the beach of Gonio there is a promenade where you can walk, move on rented bicycles and scooters.

Gonio beach is well-maintained, there are bungalows, hammocks, gazebos, various beach activities: jet skis, catamarans, water skiing, beach volleyball, trampolines for children.

There is the Gonio-Apsaros fortress here, which is one of the few remaining ancient citadels in Ajara. Now this fortress is a Museum, but once it was a strategically important Roman fortress that closed the only plain road to Kolkhida.

1) location of townhouses: Batumi city first Absarosa lane, N 5, II line, 500 meters to

sea, 800 meters to the beach

- There is a lot of greenery and trees on the territory

- the purest healing air (eucalyptus trees)

- Gorgeous mountain view

- The cleanest beach and sea in Georgia

About the complex:

- The Batumi Garden Inn townhouse complex consists of 14 townhouses and is located on a plot of land

plot of 2300 sq. m

- Shared Pool: 6m * 15m.

- Shared recreation area

- Shared Barbecue area

- Each townhouse has its own terrace for relaxing

- Children's Playground, attractions and children's recreation area

- Gym

- Finnish sauna

- Summer cinema

- Summer cafe

3) Maintenance Service:

- 24-hour security system and 24-hour video surveillance operation.

- Reception services

- Cleaning service for shared territories

- Delivery service

- Maintenance of the facade of townhouses, current repairs and lighting of common areas

- Maintenance of terraces, current repairs

- Care of the yard, the current landscaping and lighting

- Maintenance of public infrastructure (gas, water, Sewerage, electricity, telephone,

Internet, TV, etc.)

- Unlimited electrician and plumber service

- Maintenance of the swimming pool and sauna

4) Quality (guarantee for the frame - 50 years):

- European quality of construction;

- Ventilated Foundation;

- Facade made of ceramic ventilated tiles (20 years Warranty);

- German Windows REHAU-70 with double-glazed Windows (20 years Warranty);

- Powerful railing: clear tempered glass 10 mm, point glass holders made of

stainless steel (20 years warranty);

5) Design and area:

- Townhouse area: 196 sq. m.

- Ground floor: Parking and entrance to the townhouse

- 2nd and 3rd floor free layout, the location of Windows makes it possible to make any

internal layout;

- 4th floor outdoor terrace for relaxation

6) In the townhouse there are:

- Wiring riser;

- Plumbing wiring riser (cold water, sewer)

- Gasification of the townhouse

- Metal-plastic doors and Windows REHAU-70 with double-glazed Windows.

- Entrance iron door.

- The facade and the terrace is fully finished

- The yard is landscaped.

- All communications: gas, water, electricity, Sewerage, Internet and cable TV.

7) Experience of the developer company. Construction company Batumi Investment has 11 years of experience

implementation of projects in the construction sector. Last completed project: hotel in Batumi Best Western Premier.

Batumi Garden Inn is a unique townhouses in Batumi. The design of houses can be made by individual project, down to the smallest detail. All design and construction work conducted in accordance with the principles of environmental friendliness and harmonious development, prescribed in the operational rules that protect the interests of all owners.

The Company Batumi Investment offers buyers who are interested in income, 5% guaranteed rental income! Batumi Investment is the first company in Batumi that decided to build townhouses of this level. Do not miss the chance to buy the first unique villas in Batumi.

The cost of the townhouse is $240000, which includes turnkey repairs.

Construction will be completed in Autumn 2022.


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