Apartments in Calligraphy Tower Hampton by Hilton

The Calligraphy Tower complex consists of 3 skyscrapers: A B C towers and a 3-story platform D with a common infrastructure. The complex will house the global hotel brand Hilton Worldwide, which will be presented in the form of a Hampton by Hilton hotel, in Tower A up to the 10th floor.

A Tower is a 35-story hotel-type building.
B Tower is a 45-storey residential building.
C Tower - 40-storey residential building.

Calligraphy Tower is located on the Alley of Heroes, opposite the new Batumi stadium, on the Alley of Heroes (one of the most sought-after and rapidly developing areas of Batumi).

- Cinema Calligraphy Cinema
- Piano & Lounge Bar with live music
- Coworking area
- Conference hall
- Indoor swimming pool
- SPA-center
- Gym
- Over 300 parking spaces
- Casino
- Terraces for common use
- Golf cart services
All this is written in the contract and guaranteed.

Service at Calligraphy Tower:
- Concierge
- Cleaning common areas
- Maintenance of the elevator
- Facade cleaning
- Technical support for VRV heating systems
- Video surveillance and security services
Service cost: in blocks B and C - $0.6 per 1 m2; in block A $ 1.5 per 1 m2.

Construction process:
- The construction of the project started from building B in August 2020 and will be completed in December 2023. At the moment, all 45 floors have been built, internal work is underway.
- Construction of building A began in August 2021. Completion date for the hull is December 2024.
- Construction of building C will begin in March 2023 and be completed in May 2026.
- The full infrastructure is planned to be activated together with the completion of construction in block A, i.e. from December 2024 with the Hampton by Hilton hotel. (+- 6
By the end of 2023, the black work of all three blocks will be completed, so residents and guests of towers A and B will not be bothered by other ongoing work.

The complex is being built according to new regulations, each tower will have 4 Kleemann brand elevators. It will be equipped with a fire extinguishing system in accordance with modern European standards.

Apartments in blocks B and C are equipped with a central heating system.
The cost of bringing the heating system point to the apartment is $1,500, which is paid once until May 31, 2023 (for blocks B and C, where a white frame is provided). When buying a renovated apartment, the cost of heating is already included.

As for block A, there will be the latest heating-cooling technology with VRV system (modern type air conditioning package consisting of one or more outdoor units and a set of indoor units). This system provides both heating and cooling at minimal cost. Thanks to the upgraded inverter compressors, you can save up to 40% of energy and get maximum comfort. The VRV system allows you to individually manage and control the temperature in all rooms.

Apartments condition:
- In block B and C, 2 conditions are offered: white frame or turnkey renovation, with furniture and appliances.
- In block A - with turnkey renovation, with furniture and appliances.
Also equipped with a smart system: Home alone.
• Zigbee controller (VS20ZW-1TO) EU
• wall switch 110-220V
• A/C control
• smart door lock
• water leakage sensor
• water inclusion system

100% Guaranteed View
Calligraphy Tower is 100% guaranteed to look the same. The best views are preserved even after years, as there is no prospect of building a new building in front of the complex.

The cost of 1 m2 - from $750, depending on the block, floor, apartment condition.
There is a 0% installment plan with a 30% prepayment
in Block B 12 months
Block A 24 months
In block C 40 months
(until the transfer of apartments, that is, the period is reduced monthly).

Rental income
Upon completion of the construction, the owners of the apartments will be able to receive passive rental income. The generated amount will be distributed between the apartment owner and the management company at the rate of 60/40%. In 40%, the management company includes all costs associated with rent (utility payments, advertising budget, insurance).

In building A with Hampton by Hilton there is a guaranteed income (written in the sales contract), a management contract for 10 years: the first year the owner receives 8% guaranteed income, the next 9 years - 3%.


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